Monday, 15 October 2012

Something British Monday - In the Drawing Room

Last Monday, I enjoyed writing about the scenery in England. Today I'm going to write about the decor inside the home.

I cannot get enough of regency design. The furniture was immaculately designed, hand crafted with care and attention. The people that had created these pieces of art clearly took great pride in what they did. It showed in the result.

Even the walls and ceilings were designed beautifully. In the homes of the rich, there was often wainscoting, wall paper, lead paint, and intricate trimmings, wall hangings, and paintings adoring the walls.

In some of these pictures, you will see that the ceilings had been either painted with an intricate design, or often stuck with gold flakes.

Brocade rugs were often the rugs of choice, and suited the homes perfectly.

In most homes, one would see several types of rooms; dining room, morning room, family room, music room, office, drawing room, parlour, and bedchambers. But in the larger homes, there could also be a breakfast room, library, ballroom, games room, card room, greenhouse, art studio, and some very rich people had rooms in which they could display statues, paintings (such as a gallery), and a collection (such as weaponry), and often more rooms set aside for quiet reflection. For a glossary of regency terms, click here.

Three of these pictures are of ballrooms. I can just imagine them filled with gentlemen and ladies dancing a quadrille or waltz with a band set to one side (or on a balcony). These could be the setting for a new love to bloom, or for a poor young lady to be spurned. There are endless possibilities for what the imagination could concoct within these walls. I simply cannot wait to explore all the options.

What do you think? Do you find Regency homes as fascinating as I do?


  1. They are certainly gorgeous! One must have had a high court position to afford such treasures! It is fun to dream about living in such luxury. :)

    1. I agree! I dream about it every time I write and every time I read a historical romance novel. :) Very fun!