Friday, 3 August 2012

Fishing Adventure

This is me with the ocean scenery.
Our first crab!
As I said last week, I had left my kids with my mom and had gone on a spontaneous fishing trip with my husband. It was a wonderful opportunity to get away from the noise of our house and into the peaceful surroundings of the ocean.

 We didn't catch any fish, but boy did we catch some crabs!

 There are some restrictions, of course, with regards to what one is allowed to bring home. You are only allowed to keep the males, and they have to be a certain size. They've got a measuring post on the dock that you must measure your crabs by before you can put them in the 'keep' pile.

The crabs we caught were called Red Rock crabs, and boy were they delicious! They were smaller than the average Dungeness crabs, and their shells were much more of a challenge to get into, but it was certainly worth it!

Have you ever gone crabbing or fishing? What did you catch?