Friday, 17 August 2012

Setting Goals

I have recently begun setting some goals for myself.

For my new novel I have the plot lined out and am currently sitting at just over 62,000 words. I find that I am very easily distracted with the goings on in my home, and setting goals for myself encourages me to focus.

My breakfast - Spinach, 1 apple,
3 hand-fulls of grapes and 1/4 watermelon.
I estimated that I could write a certain amount of words in one day, then I went through my calendar and set small goals in 5,000 word intervals. If I hit each of those days, then I will succeed in reaching my ultimate goal of over 90,000 words by October 20th. Of course, those numbers will give me plenty of leeway should there be a family function or two that takes my attention away for the day.

My snack.
The other goal that I have set for myself (as was mentioned in my blog post for Wednesday), is that of eating healthier. I must say that the juice that I have been making is actually quite delicious! 

I really like the idea of setting small goals for onesself. Nothing too extravagant that may seem out of reach, but small, easily attainable goals. I find that with the smaller goals, they happen more frequently, and therefore give us a sense of satisfaction and pride for having achieved the goal, until ultimately, we reach the large prize at the end.

My lunch - 3 leaves of kale, 1 carrot stick,
1 cucumber, 2 oranges, 1 apple, 2 celery sticks.

In the case of my novel, it is completing it, and in the case of my juice, it is gaining a healthier lifestyle and perhaps losing some left-over baby weight.

Do you set small goals for yourself or do you go for one big goal?


  1. Sounds like you've got a great thing going on there! Good luck with your goals. :)