Thursday, 12 July 2012

Almost Out Of Tea!

Egad! I feel like I’m going to cry. I’m nearly out of my new favourite tea, Royal Breakfast! I know it does not sound like a big deal, but I purchased that tea on my recent trip to London, from a shop called The East India Company. It is not as though I can make a trip to the local grocery store and refill my tin. I am not certain whether I should just finish it or if I should save it for a special occasion. Knowing myself, I will probably save it until I can convince my husband that I should order a new tin online and that “YES! The shipping costs are worth it!”

I have several favourite teas, but none compare to Royal Breakfast. Though it is likely not only the taste that has me so enamored, but the location in which I purchased it.

While I was on that trip I also bought a tea, which comes in as a close second as my favourite, called Scottish Breakfast Tea; it is made in Edinburgh and it is also delicious.

Among my other favorites are Crème Brule from David’s Tea, and Market Spice from the Granville Island Tea Company. Yum!

So now I ask you: What is your hot drink of choice? Coffee? Tea? What is your favourite flavor? Do you think it would be worth it for me to order my tea online?


  1. I like coffee, but usually with some kind of flavours, like Hazelnut and Amaretto. I usually get the Da Vinci brand. A friend gave me Three Wishes tea from David's Tea, which I think is my new favourites, now.

    I have no idea how much the shipping costs are, so can't comment on whether it would be worth it or not. :)

    1. Hazelnut coffee is definitely delicious!

      Hmm, I'll have to try Three Wishes from David's Tea. I'm in there often enough!

      Shipping is actually under $10. I think it's worth it. :)