Friday, 6 July 2012

Celebrity Crushes

This morning I happened to be browsing around on Twitter, and I came across a familiar face…

This guy:


This is the guy that a large percentage of my generation had a crush on at one point. Let me show you what he used to look like…

That’s right, Ladies! It’s Devon Sawa!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw his picture this morning, and it got me thinking… what happened to all the other guys I had crushes on when I was younger?

So I looked them up.

The first among my teenybopper crushes was Jonathan Taylor Thomas (aka JTT), or as I knew him at the time, “Randy Taylor”. I was so enamored of him I even had a poster of him on my wall.


Sigh. I still love his smile.

Next came his 'brother' on the TV sitcom "Home Improvement", Zachery Ty Bryan. I certainly did a double-take with this one!

After that, I looked through my old "Saved By The Bell" crushes. I started with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, or as I knew him, "Zack Morris".

I thought I had the wrong guy when I first saw this. He is nigh on unrecognizable!

I was also in love with "A.C. Slater", or in real life, Mario Lopez. Now, if you ask me, Mario Lopez ripened with age.

Among my picture searches, I found this intriguing fellow…

I could not believe that he is Dustin Diamond, the very same man who played “Screech”! Do my eyes deceive me? Has that awkward young man turned into THIS? Remarkable.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to look up your old child-star crushes. But for now, I will ask you: Who was your child-star crush? What show were they from? Did you have posters or magazine clippings of them on your walls, too?


  1. Most of my teen crushes are really OLD guys, now! lol

    1. Aw! There are some really good-looking older fellows, too, though! Look at George Clooney! He has gotten better-looking as he's aged if you ask me!

  2. Do you remember when your brother Mike got the job to photo-double Zachary Ty Bryan? It was on TrueHeart and I was the Office Production Assistant. Remember the wrap party cruise where you met Kirsten Dunst? Those were good times.


    1. I definitely remember that! I wish I had had the nerve to speak to Zachary Ty Bryan. I was way too nervous and starstruck to say anything, though. Do you still have the pictures of that? I don't have any.