Friday, 20 July 2012

My Husband, the 'Chef'

Not my personal picture
During the week it is my responsibility to prepare the meals, which usually consist of salads and pastas. I’m not the best of cooks. But I try.

It is for that reason (but not only that reason) that I am incredibly fortunate in my choice of husband. He is an amazing at-home chef! He’s an electrician by weekday, and by weekend, he’s a chef. This morning, for example, he has prepared crepes. Yum!

Not my personal picture
One of our breakfasts last weekend was Eggs Benedict. It’s remarkable how he suddenly becomes the expert the moment he walks into the kitchen. His specialties include homemade burgers, taco salads/tacos, chicken potpies, banana chocolate chip muffins, and of course, his Eggs Benedict, and crepes.

My homemade pizza pockets
This week I tried to match him in creativity and cleverness. I thought it was fabulous, but it didn’t go over so well with my husband and sons… they thought it was “Ok”. Sigh. And here I thought that putting pizza toppings inside the Pillsbury croissant rolls was ingenious. I thought it was delicious, though.

So now I ask you: Are you a good cook? What are your specialties?


  1. You are very lucky to have married a man who can cook! I've noticed that lately, there are many men who have this as one of their attributes. Kudos to their mothers!

    I'm of a generation where it was the wife's duty to be the cook, so Hubby lets me do it all. He doesn't even barbecue! This is probably a good thing, though. He likes all his meat well done to the point of almost burnt, so I'd rather do the cooking.

    When I first got married, I received a lot of cookbooks and was so excited to try out new recipes. Almost everything I tried met with a lukewarm reception. You see, I married a VERY FUSSY eater. I soon realized, I can't cook with onions or mushrooms. The only 'rice' he will eat is Rice-a-roni. He doesn't like cooked cabbage so cabbage rolls are out of the question - and that doesn't even begin to cover all the other things he doesn't like to eat. As a result, I have become a very boring cook. :(

    1. In my husband's home, it is his mom that does all the cooking, including the BBQ. But somehow he picked up on those techniques that she uses, and has inherited her skill!

      Cooking for a fussy eater can definitely be challenging when trying out new recipes. Kudos to you for doing your best to be creative!

  2. My husband has always been the chef in the family. He made a homemade apple pie for his mother when he was 7, including the crust!!! If he wasn't so good at computer technology, he would have been a chef.
    I can cook as long as I have a recipe. Very few times have I ever done my own thing, and few of those were amazing. Since my daughter started daycare this week, he has been in charge of her lunch and snack since she seems to eat whatever he puts in front of her.

    1. Wow, that's impressive! I hardly made toast at the age of 7! Amazing.

      It's tough when you create your own masterpiece and then you try to recreate it afterward but you don't have a recipe. Have you had that problem or were you able to recreate it without difficulty?

      Why is it that children do that? My sons are the same way. How is it that they deem food given by one is not as good as the other? It's funny, sometimes I'll make food and get my husband to feed it to the kids. They eat it not knowing it was me that made it.

      I hope your daughter's daycare works out well, and she enjoys every minute!