Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tips for Writing a Steamy Love Scene

As a newly self-published Historical Romance author, several people have asked me just how I write those steamy love scenes. So I came up with these few important notes.

-Stay true to character – if the heroine is bashful do not make her the dominant, sexy seductress. If your guy is strong and confident in character, do not turn him bashful.

-Keep it ‘real’ – don’t contort your characters in such a way that the reader will not believe the act is physically possible.

-Use your imagination.

-Keep the reader engaged – static love scenes and repetitive language is not likely to keep anyone’s interest. Stay fresh.

-Use this opportunity to get to know your characters, and allow them to grow. It isn’t just sex, it is a future husband and wife falling for one another.

It is at this point in my blogs in which I usually ask a question to readers. As the content here is of a ‘spicy’ nature, I have chosen to change the topic for my question.
So now I ask you: Do you have any tips for writing that you would like to share?


  1. Your tips make sense, no matter what kind of scene you're writing. Believable, engaging characters and interactions are key to any scene, sexy or otherwise. :)

    1. That is definitely true! It's always important to stay true to your characters. :)